slight delay this week

I was at SDCC this past weekend! It was extremely fun, and Picard looks like it will be very much my shit. Alex Kurtzman dodged my question about the Real Unfortunate Implications of an aspect of Discovery‘s S2 finale and answered something else entirely, but I’m hoping maybe the writers will take the question, and the surprisingly positive crowd reaction to it, to heart? Fingers crossed.

(I figured if there was any reaction it would be for me to get booed as a Joyless PC Buzzkill, but people cheered! A lot of them, not just my mom and the friends I was with! And a few people literally stopped me on my way out after the panel to thank me for it!)

Alas, the internet at the place we were staying was absolutely terrible, so I was unable to watch this week’s episode during any of my downtime. Add to this that, rather than give myself my traditional Recovery Tuesday after arriving back home Monday night, I went back to work this morning, and you have a recipe for “uh somehow it’s Tuesday morning and I don’t have my post ready to go yet???” What even is causality, y’all?

Anyway! I anticipate being able to get this week’s post, “Dax”, up Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how tired the Con Crud + lack of sleep the past couple nights leaves me. Thank you for your understanding during this annoying time.

Fanwork Friday: Anthony Bourdain and Antimatter Pod

I had intended to start doing this pretty much from the beginning, but kept forgetting. It may or may not be a regular feature, since I…don’t really read all that much fanfic these days, and every time I go on Tumblr they’ve made some new update that makes it even worse to use. BUT WE’LL SEE.

One of the things that made me vow to myself I’d do a Fanwork Friday this week was seeing an article about Bourdain Day, in honor of the late Anthony Bourdain’s birthday. This gave me a good excuse to yell about one of my absolute favorite pieces of fanfic ever:”Parts Unknown: Bajor“, by fresne. It is exactly what it sounds like, complete with imagined commercial breaks, and it makes me feel a metric fuckton of emotions.

I would also like to recommend the podcast Antimatter Pod, hosted by Anika Dane and my dear friend Liz Barr. As one of the iTunes reviews says, there are a lot of Trek podcasts out there, but very few female voices among them; Antimatter Pod looks at Star Trek through a definitively feminist lens. I’ve known Liz for a long time (as in, Star Trek: Voyager was still on the air when we first became friends), and she’s always had smart, interesting, funny things to say about whatever we were discussing.

(That said, between Liz’s shout-out to me in their Problematic Fave episode and my mom low-key judging me for my Sisko/Dukat thing, I am feeling so attacked this week. I LIKE DUKAT AS A VILLAIN, OK, NOT AS A PERSON, JUST LET ME BE GARBAGE IN PEACE!!!!!!)