January 2020 schedule

Happy new year! Let us observe it with a nearly-thirty-year-old TV show, eh?

  • January 2: “The Abandoned”
  • January 7: “Civil Defense”
  • January 9: “Meridian”
  • January 14: “Defiant”
  • January 16: “Fascination”
  • January 21: “Past Tense, Part 1”
  • January 23: “Past Tense, Part 2”
  • January 28: “Life Support”
  • January 30: “Heart of Stone”

November 2019 schedule

  • November 5: “Shadowplay”
  • November 7: “Playing God”
  • November 12: “Profit and Loss”
  • November 14: “Blood Oath”
  • November 19: “The Maquis, Part 1”
  • November 21: “The Maquis, Part 2”
  • November 26: “The Wire”
  • November 28: No episode post, since it’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., and following “The Wire” I’m definitely gonna need to bury my Garak/Bashir feels in stuffing and pumpkin pie. (Also, to a lesser extent, after the Sisko/Dukat road trip fic of the previous week’s “The Maquis” two-parter.)

September 2019 schedule

So, thus far, the two-episodes-a-week thing seems to be going OK! If anyone has strong feelings about why one a week was better, feel free to chime in, but for the moment, I’m gonna keep up with it.

  • September 3: “Dramatis Personae”
  • September 5: “Duet”
  • September 10: “In the Hands of the Prophets” (y’all, we’re almost done with the first season, this is blowing my mind)
  • September 12: “Homecoming”
  • September 17: “The Circle”
  • September 19: “The Siege”
  • September 24: “Invasive Procedures”
  • September 26: “Cardassians”

August schedule

As noted, I’m gonna try a thing where I do two episodes a week! Let’s see if it works. With that in mind, here is the planned August schedule:

  • August 6: “Move Along Home”
  • August 8: “The Nagus”
  • August 13: “Vortex”
  • August 15: “Battle Lines”
  • August 20: “The Storyteller”
  • August 22: “Progress”
  • August 27: “If Wishes Were Horses”
  • August 29: “The Forsaken”

slight delay this week

I was at SDCC this past weekend! It was extremely fun, and Picard looks like it will be very much my shit. Alex Kurtzman dodged my question about the Real Unfortunate Implications of an aspect of Discovery‘s S2 finale and answered something else entirely, but I’m hoping maybe the writers will take the question, and the surprisingly positive crowd reaction to it, to heart? Fingers crossed.

(I figured if there was any reaction it would be for me to get booed as a Joyless PC Buzzkill, but people cheered! A lot of them, not just my mom and the friends I was with! And a few people literally stopped me on my way out after the panel to thank me for it!)

Alas, the internet at the place we were staying was absolutely terrible, so I was unable to watch this week’s episode during any of my downtime. Add to this that, rather than give myself my traditional Recovery Tuesday after arriving back home Monday night, I went back to work this morning, and you have a recipe for “uh somehow it’s Tuesday morning and I don’t have my post ready to go yet???” What even is causality, y’all?

Anyway! I anticipate being able to get this week’s post, “Dax”, up Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how tired the Con Crud + lack of sleep the past couple nights leaves me. Thank you for your understanding during this annoying time.

July schedule

I have pre-written this post on the assumption that this entire endeavor will not have petered out by July. Is this hubris? Possibly. Nonetheless, here is the July schedule!

  • July 2: “Babel”
  • July 9: “Captive Pursuit”
  • July 16: “Q-Less”
  • July 23: “Dax”
  • July 30: “The Passenger”

rewatch prewatch

So, a few days after I decided that substack wouldn’t work for this and paid for web hosting for this thing, they launched a community discussion feature, OF COURSE. I’m probably going to stick with the blog format for the time being on the grounds of “eh, I’ve got it, might as well use it” but if anyone has strong feelings either way, let me know.

Anyway, this weekend, I ended up rewatching some Next Gen as well, including, most relevant to this endeavor, “Ensign Ro”, so if anyone wants to rewatch that in the next few days and then discuss on this post, feel free! Otherwise, here is the viewing schedule for June.

June schedule

  • June 11: “Emissary”, both parts
  • June 18: “Past Prologue”
  • June 25: “A Man Alone”

welcome (?!?)

Hello! Still getting this up and running, but welcome to Bad Pajamas, aka the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine rewatch project that I impulsively decided to start one day. The title pays tribute to the hideous sleepwear that everyone on the show wears, and it was this or horny.space (on account of how horny Star Trek is in general and DS9 in particular), but it turns out that one’s already taken, which was disappointing but also probably for the best.

About the format: mostly I wanted this to be more of a community/group thing than just me rambling about my feelings because I know a lot of smart, funny, interesting people and I like enjoying things with them, and while I think I have my smart, funny, interesting moments, I also know that undertaking such a project on my own will be a lot more stressful and a lot less fun. My initial plan had been a Substack newsletter, but then I learned that Substack only allows you to have comments from paid subscribers; Twitter and Discord/Slack are too ephemeral; basically it was this or a private subreddit where people would have to DM me to join and this just seemed easier, although if it ends up just being me and a handful of friends (likelihood: 70-100%) I may end up going with the subreddit idea at a later date.

My current plan is that I’ll make a post for the week’s episode around Tuesday or Wednesday, which will probably have at least a few vaguely coherent notes of my own, and then an open discussion thread in the comments. I’m also planning on Fanwork Fridays, where we can all share links to fic, fanart, and other fan creations. There may be other content later, but those were the two categories that came to my mind first.

I’m still getting everything set up on the site and making sure it all looks/functions OK, but I anticipate getting this thing rolling in the next few days, so uhhhh GET HYPE I guess?