September 2019 schedule

So, thus far, the two-episodes-a-week thing seems to be going OK! If anyone has strong feelings about why one a week was better, feel free to chime in, but for the moment, I’m gonna keep up with it.

  • September 3: “Dramatis Personae”
  • September 5: “Duet”
  • September 10: “In the Hands of the Prophets” (y’all, we’re almost done with the first season, this is blowing my mind)
  • September 12: “Homecoming”
  • September 17: “The Circle”
  • September 19: “The Siege”
  • September 24: “Invasive Procedures”
  • September 26: “Cardassians”

welcome (?!?)

Hello! Still getting this up and running, but welcome to Bad Pajamas, aka the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine rewatch project that I impulsively decided to start one day. The title pays tribute to the hideous sleepwear that everyone on the show wears, and it was this or (on account of how horny Star Trek is in general and DS9 in particular), but it turns out that one’s already taken, which was disappointing but also probably for the best.

About the format: mostly I wanted this to be more of a community/group thing than just me rambling about my feelings because I know a lot of smart, funny, interesting people and I like enjoying things with them, and while I think I have my smart, funny, interesting moments, I also know that undertaking such a project on my own will be a lot more stressful and a lot less fun. My initial plan had been a Substack newsletter, but then I learned that Substack only allows you to have comments from paid subscribers; Twitter and Discord/Slack are too ephemeral; basically it was this or a private subreddit where people would have to DM me to join and this just seemed easier, although if it ends up just being me and a handful of friends (likelihood: 70-100%) I may end up going with the subreddit idea at a later date.

My current plan is that I’ll make a post for the week’s episode around Tuesday or Wednesday, which will probably have at least a few vaguely coherent notes of my own, and then an open discussion thread in the comments. I’m also planning on Fanwork Fridays, where we can all share links to fic, fanart, and other fan creations. There may be other content later, but those were the two categories that came to my mind first.

I’m still getting everything set up on the site and making sure it all looks/functions OK, but I anticipate getting this thing rolling in the next few days, so uhhhh GET HYPE I guess?